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September through Inauguration 2013

New Exhibit at the Laconia Public Library

Politics in the Lake City

Separating from neighboring Meredith, Laconia became a new New Hampshire town on July 14, 1855.  From that date on, Laconia townspeople moved forward, calling the first town meeting and establishing a well-run, independent town.  Laconia thrived, and soon, talks of establishing a city  began amongst the most politically-active residents. 


Politics in the Lake City explains how Laconia established its first city government and explores other political affairs that have shaped the Lake City.  The exhibit also recalls historical politiciansí visits to the city, such as President Theodore Roosevelt, President Eisenhower, and soon-to-be President Kennedy, as well as honors some politically-successful Laconia natives such as Senator Thomas McIntyre and Mayor Bernard Boutin.   


This exhibit is presented by the Laconia Historical and Museum Society with generous support from the Laconia Public Library and a special thanks to Mr. Norman Bolduc for his volunteer research assistance. France: acheter viagra pas cher.