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December 26, 2007- The Citizen of Laconia ( Music Video Contest for Teens in Laconia

December 21, 2007- YouTube Music Video Contest related to Diners

December 17, 2007- Upcoming Concert- Canterbury Shaker Singers

November 19, 2007- Upcoming Program- Arts & Crafts Movement & the Gale Memorial Library

October 29, 2007- Live Free or Dine Day special event

October 11, 2007- A Spider Loose in the Kitchen. Lakeport resident to be featured in exhibit on history of local diners- Laconia Daily Sun article by Adam Drapcho.

October 4, 2007- Program on "Historic Paints and Finishes: Original Recipes, Modern Alternatives"

October 2, 2007- Diner exhibit opens soon...

September 18, 2007- Laconia Historical & Museum Society is seeking photographs and memorabelia associated with Bill's Diner (or other local diners) of Laconia for its upcoming exhibit "May I Take Your Order?: a history of diners".