Laconia Historical and Museum Society

bringing the history of Laconia into the 21st century

Securing the Future

Laconia, New Hampshire, has a rich history that is worth protecting and sharing with future generations.  Thanks to Laconia's public-sprited citizens who have donated historic artifacts, LHMS maintains a collection of approximately 2,000 historic objects, over 150 linear feet of manuscript and photographic collections, and 350 bound volumes.   The long-term care and preservation of this collection is at the heart of the Society.   Equally significant to the mission of LHMS is providing access to collections and the history the city. 

Listed below are the opportunities to become a member and/or contribute to a specific fund.


Become a member or update your current membership here using PayPal and then fill out our membership form so we can mail you an LHMS membership card. Membership rates start at $15 and extend up to $100.

Giving Opportunities

Contributing to any of the following will help the Laconia Historical and Museum Society provide the public access to local history.  Click the PayPal buttons do donate to that cause or send check to Laconia Historical & Museum Society, PO Box 1126, Laconia, NH 03247

Building Fund
LHMS recently realized their most significant long-range goal with the purchase of a former Laconia Car Company shop building to serve as the permanent home for its collections.  While the collection is now rehoused in a climate-controlled environment, the Society is working hard to eliminate the building mortgage.  Eliminating the debt will allow the Society to concentrate on the business of history by providing programs for all ages, exhibitions, and improved access to collections. 
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Collections Care Fund
Provides funds to care for and conserve the artifacts entrusted to the Laconia Historical and Museum Society.  Typical collections
care needs include archival supplies, UV filters for collections storage windows, and environmental monitoring devices...  $100, $500, $1000 donations needed. 
ALSO needed: Laptop computer- $1000, Nilfisk UZ 934 Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filtration- $600

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!